Can you take me back to the very first day I met you? Can I change the way, the way I first talk to you? Can we start this over so I can do it right? Because time and time again i just disappoint you. Though I know you miss me, I can’t control what happens.. This world is full of ups and downs, I just want you to be a part of my world. Even though its not perfect, you make me perfect in your eyes. The only one, who can see my faults and just be in love with them. I think, its weird how you think I am perfect the way I am because no one sees that. I have trouble seeing myself worth because no one has ever told me i am perfect just being me. I know you mad to the point where you want to leave, just understand I don’t do it on propose, I cant control people around me. I know you say act my age, but I am. I am just fighting to be alive. Fighting to be me… The me that you so dearly love, because at home, I am not me. I am the maid, who does everything but gets nothing. I am the mom, who takes of everyone when their sick, but they don’t even care or notice when i am sick. So to my love please be take you time with me, be slow to angry for I love you with my life and losing you will forever haunt me. 

Signing off,

Snow White ❤